2022 GGRA Industry Conference Panels

2022 GGRA Industry Conference Panels

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Opening Remarks & Bringing San Francisco Back: Reopening & Revitalization Strategies (click "Trailer" to view this free of charge)
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Ask an Expert: Retention Hiring & Building your Best Team

Making the Numbers Work: Navigating Ever-Rising Costs

What’s Now and What’s Next: Trends in the Industry

Tech Solutions for Your Restaurant’s Bottom Line

To Go Done Right: Reusables & Sustainability

Revenue Streams & Repeat Customers: Subscription and membership Programs

Safe & Clean Streets for our Employees & Guests: What's Being Done?

Mental Health & Improving Quality of Life in our Restaurant Community

Show Me the Money Options for Restaurant Financing

2022 GGRA Industry Conference Panels
  • Ask an Expert: Retention, Hiring, & Building Your Best Team

    Staffing matters. Today, it is more important than ever to attract quality candidates as well as retain your existing team members. In this panel, we will explore solutions to foster an environment where your people can thrive. We will also discuss best practices to build and maintain your best t...

  • Making the Numbers Work: Navigating Rising Costs

    As costs continue to rise with no end in sight, restaurants are searching for new strategies to cut costs across their businesses and to find ways to build up their bottom line. San Francisco restaurateurs weigh in on how they’ve addressed this colossal issue. We will address raising menu prices,...

  • What's Now and What's Next: Trends in the Industry

    Flash in the pan or future must-have? Moderated by acclaimed trends forecaster Andrew Freeman, this panel will take a deep dive into the hottest and latest including plant based proteins, non-alcoholic cocktails and more. Join us for a lively discussion on what to offer now to be on the leading e...

  • Tech Solutions for Your Restaurant's Bottom Line

    Technology is touted as making life easier, but choosing the right tech for your business can be overwhelming.In this panel we will explore the many ways that tech can help your restaurant’s bottom line and efficiency: from operations and food costs to accounting and delivery. We will also discus...

  • To Go Done Right: Reusable, Sustainable, and Affordable

    During the pandemic, takeout boomed. Many restaurants expanded their to-go options, or pivoted to offer takeout for the first time.

    Even with the return to indoor dining, the consensus is in: the demand for takeout is here to stay- but how can we make to-go orders more sustainable for the future...

  • Increase Your Revenue Streams & Repeat Customers

    As margins become increasingly tighter and the restaurant occupancy during the pandemic closed our indoor dining rooms, many of us explored, and are still looking for alternative revenue streams. These streams include: Doing booths at festivals like OutsideLands, moving toward retail: packaging a...

  • Safe and Clean Streets for Our Employees & Guests: What's Being Done?

    San Francisco has unfortunately developed a reputation for being unsafe. This panel will look at an overview of current SF city programs in place to address this issue, as well as discuss how our industry can support policy ordinances and engage with groups working to make our streets safer. We’l...

  • Mental Health & Improving Quality of Life in Our Restaurant Community

    The restaurant industry and our employees have had a very difficult past few years. Join us as we look at how restaurant owners/operators and our employees stayed connected and supported their staff (emotionally and financially) during the past 2 years. We’ll also discuss sobriety support, mental...

  • Show Me the Money: Options for Restaurant Financing

    Finding the money to open a new restaurant or to improve your existing one has always been a challenge, or a slog. Traditional lenders such as banks have always found restaurants too risky, often requiring personal guarantees or unrealistic interest rates. In this panel, we will discuss the pros ...